UK Prime Minister Theresa May Requests To Meet President Duterte

London–Prime Minister Theresa May has requested to meet President Rodrigo Duterte on what she calls “a point of knowledge acquirement.”

Speaking on Monday evening, May said that she would like to meet President Duterte to learn some leadership skills from him.

“I’m ready to learn from Mr.Duterte. It may sound funny but for me, I need that knowledge, the United Kingdom needs such brain and I have to visit him for some classes in leadership,” she said.

May added that “the world was laughing at Duterte when he started drug war in the Philippines.Because no leader has ever tried to silence drug lords like what Duterte has done. I must learn from him on how he did it. We can do it here with his assistance.” claimed May

President Duterte is known for his drug war in the Philippines, however, he has met criticism with the opposition in the country lobbying human rights groups to stop the crackdown.

Those supporting his campaign seems to have overcome the opposed since almost 89% OF Filipinos want the campaign to go on.

The president dismissed criticism over the thousands of people killed in the drug war as he said the Philippines had turned into a “narco-state”.

“You can go to hell, all of you!” Duterte said in a speech, referring to human rights groups, Catholic bishops and priests who had urged an end to the killings.

“I do not want Filipinos to be turned into fools during my time. You can do that at any other time but not during my time, during my watch.”

Theresa May has praised Duterte’s efforts and asked to meet him before June 2018.

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