Baby rescued from burnt Mall four days after Davao’s Mall’s fire


Davao — A baby has miraculously survived four days after a horrific blaze at a shopping mall in Davao city that left 37 people dead.

The baby’s voice was heard when Detectives visited the scene for an ongoing investigation. Chief operating officer for the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Emmanuel Jaldon said “the baby was crying and we rushed in. It was on the 3rd floor”.

According Jaldon, the baby had several injuries from the look but “very strong with much confidence of survival”.

The baby, who is believed to be 8 to 12 months has since been rushed to the hospital for immediate medical attention.

More than three dozen people were killed when a fire broke out at a shopping mall in the southern Philippines city of Davao, authorities said.

All 37 were call center agents working for Research Now Survey Sampling International (SSI), a business processing outsourcing company based in the mall, company and city officials said.

The Police and the Mayor of Davao have in separate tweets confirmed the “miraculous survival of the baby”.

Authorities have not provided a cause of the fire.

The fire struck as the Philippines reels from a storm that has killed dozens and caused flooding and landslides.


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