‘I Regret Opposing My President Duterte And His Supporters’–Lewis


NEW YORK — Filipino-American community leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis has spoken out after weeks of keeping her silence on President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration.

Speaking on 19th December when she attended the launch of the latest album by Lea Salonga, Lewis lamented for criticising President Duterte’s administration.

“I even feel sorry to stand before this crowd after accusations that I wanted to oust my President Mr.Duterte. It is true that I had collaborated with his critics to oppose his agenda but am no longer with them,” she said.

“I’ve taken an independent decision that I should stop criticising my President Duterte.I regret opposing what majority of the Filipinos want. Yes, they are happy with Duterte and therefore I have no right to oppose what the majority want. I have written to Senator Trillanes and others that it is difficult to oppose President Duterte. I have sent an apology letter to President Duterte too.” she added.

She warned that the force behind Duterte is the people’s force who have been praying for positive change.

“It is not about Duterte as an individual, it is about the people behind him. That is where his power lies.” Said Loida.

“I must cooperate with the Duterte government, for peace and development. That is what I will do because I love my country,” she added.

Loida has been a staunch critic of President Duterte especially in 2016. She once asked Duterte to resign during the heated debate on extra-judicial killings.


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