Lower Austria does not want contaminated hay bales

If values ​are safe, compost in Carinthia.

The province of Lower Austria has no interest in HCB-contaminated hay bales from the Görschitztal. If the values ​​are harmless, the hay could just as well be composted in Carinthia. Of course, if they were questionable, the bales would have “lost nothing in Lower Austria,” said LHStv. Stephan Pernkopf (ÖVP) on Tuesday clear.

He does not see why the material should be transported over hundreds of kilometres.

The Environmental Prosecutor will now consider that, added Pernkopf.

The Lower Austrian Greens had sounded the alarm on Monday. Country spokeswoman Helga Krismer stated in a press release that HCB-contaminated hay from the Görschitztal should not be brought to a secret location in Lower Austria.

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