Homosexual marriage: ÖVP wants to accept judgment

By contrast, the Freedom Party raves about the VfGH ruling.
The ÖVP wants to put the opening of the marriage for homosexual couples no obstacles in the way. “Ultimate judgments are always to be accepted and noted,” said an OVP spokesman on Tuesday’s decision by the Constitutional Court to overturn the legislation that had previously denied same-sex couples access to marriage.

The further procedure will first be discussed, it was said from the ÖVP, which is expected to put together with the FPÖ the next federal government. According to the VfGH’s verdict, previous opponents of an opening of gay marriage could only prevent them with a two-thirds majority in parliament. However, such is not to be expected in this question.

FPÖ attacks the ÖVP
In the case of the Freedom Party, the decision of the Constitutional Court judges is also critical. “Now, exactly what we have already warned about in the decision of the registered partnership in 2009: this instrument will be the door opener in the direction of a development, at the end with the so-called marriage for all, vulgo ‘homosexual marriage’, unequaled equal treatment Now the time has come “, said FPÖ General Secretary Herbert Kickl. The political responsibility lies – in addition to the SPÖ – also in the ÖVP. “I am sorry that the ÖVP has not fought openly on this issue, but has played a double game.” Of course, judgments of the VfGH should be recognized, but that does not mean that one should not ask critically, so Kickl.

The decision was widely acclaimed in the SPÖ. Party leader Christian Kern spoke via Facebook of a sign of equality and respect. “It does not matter who loves whom in our country at the latest from 1 January 2019. Personally, I am very happy about this decision.We have tried again and again to politically enforce the marriage for all and have failed to ÖVP and FPÖ Stay alert and ensure that everyone in our country has the right to marry whom they love, “said Kern. Also Chancellor Minister Thomas Drozda, SPÖ club chairman Peter Schieder, Minister of Women Pamela Rendi-Wagner, the second National Council President Doris Bures, the openly homosexual MP Mario Lindner and a number of other SPÖ politicians welcomed the decision.

Opposition rejoices
Great joy was also with the NEOS. “Today is a big day for Austria, freedom and the rule of law.” What was clear to the public for a long time and only the ÖVP and the FPÖ did not understand, the VfGH has now recognized in his finding: the distinction between marriage and registered partnership violates the prohibition of discrimination “, deputy club chairman Niki Scherak said. The world will not go down, it will end only another discrimination for many people, so Scherak in the direction of ÖVP and FPÖ. Of course, it would have been better if Parliament had abolished this discrimination, said Sherak.

The list of mushroom club chairman Peter Kolba was also satisfied: “We are happy about that, which is to be welcomed.” The Greens, who had fallen out of Parliament, and who had “marriage for all” on their flags for many years, also looked forward to it. “Once again, a supreme court ensures that Austria finally arrives in the 21st century,” said Green Federal spokesman Werner Kogler.

The red-green Viennese city government also cheered the decision. “Today will go down in history: as a day of love and a day of equal rights,” said the anti-discrimination SPÖ city council Jürgen Czernohorszky. Similarly, Vienna’s vice-mayor Maria Vassilakou: “After decades of tough negotiations, numerous setbacks and little progress, we can all look forward to this historic day together: The marriage ban for lesbians and gays in Austria has finally come look that the new federal government complies with the decision of the Constitutional Court on the point and comma and advances all necessary steps to implement. ”

The Homosexual Initiative (HOSI) Vienna was also happy and called for a modern marriage law or the continued existence of the registered partnership. “In the event that the legislature does not penetrate to any radical reform of the marriage law, the registered partnership must be maintained as a modern alternative,” said Obfuer Lui Fidelsberger. The initiative meets, for example, the stricter divorce provisions in marriage law. This still exudes the “spirit of patriarchy”.

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