Akothee Removes Her Panties, To Explain Her Addiction To Instagram Likes [Photo]


Just when we thought Akothee was heading to the convent after we spotted her in a long skirt looking like a nun, the artist has made a u-turn to totally go n*ked in a new photo.

It seems Akothee is upset after her Whiteman terminated their contract in the past few days and decided to turn on ‘a no panties show” to claim her comfortable lead in the nudity hall of fame.

This time around, Sister Akothee decided to tell us why she is always craving for our attention with a long essay that came with the photo in which she only had a piece of cloth covering her nipples, leaving viewers to see her butt stretch marks which she thought she has hidden enough.

“I“Don’t crave attention, I earn admiration”
But how can I have admiration without first attention?
You call me an attention whore
Isn’t our attention what even God is fighting for?
It’s just where you stand when the camera rolls
Same shot, just different angles
They say it’s vain to want material things like clothes
But it’s right to want immaterial things like love
Which is saner to crave?
Something you can touch or something in your heart?
Just like no camera can capture every angle in one shot
No one mind can have a full pic of how life should be..”


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