The New Zimbabwean President’s Most Touching Message To Besigye


“My brother Besigye, you may be aggrieved and traumatized. Your story is painful and emotional too.My message to you will be painful, but I have to share it. I am touched.

It’s sad to note that in Africa, the incumbents never lose elections, they cling and live on it.Unless it’s taken away. At the end of their term, another government is forced in.

In the quest for our second liberation, it has not been any easy here in Zimbabwe. Mugabe, the oldest president in Africa had clung to power since 1980. Elections were like traditional rituals. Vice presidents changed like clothes. And democracy buried under an avalanche of power and money. All activists were silenced. Civil rights movements banned and protesters charged. Creative protests were abhorred, and physical violence laid on perpetrators.

The economy was down to its knees.
A few weeks ago, another bombshell was released.One that has sent immense regrets to the former president. I was fired as a vice president. Unconstitutional sacked and sent home.
This is the day, hour and time, that I said No!. I felt sorry for myself and my people. This was unacceptable and something had to be done.

I flew to South Africa, to see my longtime friend Zuma. I called the Inspector General and the chief commander. My message was clear, short and precise. We had to save our country. A few in the army and police rebelled.We overpowered them. Six days later, we sent over 40 tanks to the statehouse, Mugabe was in.

We sent him under house arrest. The wife, family and bodyguards too. A press statement to confuse the international communities who wanted to interrupt the whole process followed. The state house remained under siege for 3 days. The pressure was too much. Mugabe succumbed to pressure…last week, Zimbabwe celebrated a new dawn…a fresh air on my inauguration.

Mr Besigye, you have gone through a lot. I write to you because of my respect for you. No leader alive in Africa has gone through such a hard time. Your candle is still on. Your sweat is still fresh. You are the hope for millions of your people. Do not give up.

Do not relent. Stay firm on the route that leads to the palace of justice and democracy. The hope, fate, future and destiny of your country is at hand. Always count on my support whenever needed.”




  1. #besigye cannot take the same route you-emerson took, because the demoracy you say is not what we want as #ugandans, we want #elections.

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