Stop Forcing Us To Congratulate You–German Chancellor Urges Kenyatta


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday that she won’t be forced to congratulate Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta in just concluded presidential elections.

Angela revealed that she has received several calls from Mr.Kenyatta urging her to congratulate him hours after a local court upheld his reelection.

“It is not fair for Kenyan President Mr.kenyatta to force us to congratulate him. Our congratulatory messages should not go unsolicited. We do not have time for PRs and stage-managed kinds of stuff, we are above that.” she said.

He should be seeking congratulatory messages from his citizens instead of running all over asking for congratulatory messages from leaders. He should be accepted and celebrated domestically, politics is local. Our messages won’t make Kenyans trust him.” she added.

The Financial Times, in a report on Tuesday afternoon, also quoted an e-mail allegedly sent by Kenyan ambassador to Brussels Johnson Weru that suggested he was pushing other nations to congratulate President Kenyatta after securing a second term following a disputed repeat election after his August 8 win was annulled by the Supreme Court in a petition filed by his main challenger Raila Odinga.

Kenya’s Supreme Court upheld President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory in last month’s election re-run, which was boycotted by the main opposition.

The opposition said the ruling had been given under “duress”, and it would not recognise the new government.
Mr Kenyatta won with 98% of the vote with the turnout at 39%.


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