Its Only In Kenya Where The Winning President Beats Voter Turnout–Jacob Zuma


Cape Town–President Jacob Zuma has this morning mocked the ongoing poll in Kenya terming them as ‘sham.’ Addressing ANC supporters in KwaDukuza region, the President said ‘Mbeki who went to Kenya as an election observer is on money making mission.’

“We all saw the purported presidential elections that Mr.Mbeki went to observe. I hear he confirmed that the elections were fair. Such people should not be associated with South Africa. He is an embarrassment to this nation. We know him as a good moneymaker.” he said.

“It is only in Kenya where the winning president has more votes than the number of people who turned out. This is a world history and should be included in Uhuru’s Wikipedia as the first presidential candidate to gather more votes than the turnout. It should also be remembered he was running against himself.” Zuma added.

Only a third of registered voters cast a ballot in Kenya’s presidential election rerun on Thursday, according to the independent election commission chairman.

The 33% turnout was considerably lower than at the initial poll held in August, when almost 80% of the 19.6 million registered voters took part.

Kenya’s highest court nullified the first election — won by incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta — over irregularities raised by veteran opposition leader Raila Odinga, paving the way for this week’s vote.

Kenyatta is seeking a second five-year term. But in a surprise move, Odinga quit the race earlier this month, after his demands for procedural reform were not met.

Zuma has urged the second post-apartheid President Mr.Mbeki to apologize to Africans for being party to ‘dictatorship in Kenya.’


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